As a beard oil brand, we not only want to provide great products, but to also educate men, and give them an opportunity to develop a proper beard care routine. As our company grows, we want our consumers to grow with us, as well as their beards. 



The Moroccan Argan Oil is the ideal hair conditioner and is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. 
Argan Oil is also packed with
Vitamin E which promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants, which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair.


Our premium beard oil is enriched with Jojoba Oil, known for it's amazing ability to retain moisture that is so vital for healthy beard and hair growth. Jojoba has antibacterial properties that cleanses, conditions, and also reduces skin irritations. Jojoba adds volume and makes the hair appear thicker.


Our organic blend of essential oils include Cedarwood Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. The Cedarwood has a warm, woodsy aroma, while the Almond Oil provides rich almond tones. Perfectly blended to give your beard a scent of sophistication and luxury.


This is my 4th bottle of beard oil. Not only does the oil keep my beard looking fresh and rejuvenated, but it makes my beard easy to comb in the morning. I recommend this product to everyone who has a beard!

V. Barrett

The Signature Scent beard oil has a lot of really good features, but what I like most is that the company is transparent with the ingredients used in their products; Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil... they use all the RIGHT ones for your beard. Most brands don’t contain all of that in one. I’m sticking with Beard SZN.

Tyree B.

I’ve been trying to grow my beard for almost 2 years and I’ve never really used any beard products during the process. I just started using Beard SZN and my beard has finally grown in full. The patches and bald spots are gone. My beard went from rough to soft. I encourage you to try it if you’ve experienced the same problem I had with the “struggle beard”.

Ayomide B.