The Beard SZN Brand is a collection of handcrafted natural beard grooming products produced to provide health benefits for the beard of the everyday black man.

Imagine walking through a store looking for a product to help you maintain the growth and health of your coarse beard and not find any products that cater to you. This was my reality in 2018. From that frustration, the Beard SZN brand was born, out of a desire to produce products that catered not only to the coarse-beard hair but also the black male grooming experience.

Beard SZN Premium Grooming Products was founded in South Orange, New Jersey. Recognized for our unique products and design, the Beard SZN Brand became a well known go-to for products that support beard grooming.


To Educate and Empower the black man to take control of his health inside and outside because health is wealth.


Akinwale "Wale" Collins is our founder and director of brand marketing, a native of Brooklyn, New York with roots stemming from Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria.

Wale is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of beard grooming while creating a brand that covers all the facets of men's health and how it relates to beard health. 

Our products contain no secret recipes or serums. Wale was purposeful in his approach, selecting key natural and organic ingredients to develop beard grooming products that promote beard growth.